Talent: Band
Genre: Rock
Anzahl Gigs: >100
Grösster Gig: N/A
Anzahl veröffentlichter Alben: 8
Aktiv seit: 1987
MITGLIED SEIT: 14 Apr 2007, 12:26 pm
ZULETZT ONLINE: 20 Apr 2010, 11:01 pm

CHINA 2008:

Eric St. Michaels..........Leadvocals
Claudio Matteo............Guitar, Vocals
Mack Schildknecht................Guitars
Beat Kofmehl..............Bass, Vocals
Billy La Pietra.............Drums


The rock band “China” was founded in 1985. Original members included guitarists Claudio Matteo & Freddy Laurence, drummer John Dommen, vocalist Math Shiverow and bassist Marc Lynn. The group enjoyed some international success from the late eighties into the early nineties. Their albums reached the Billboard Top 10 in Switzerland as well as reaching into the top 40 in England, Germany and Japan.

Their sound was influenced by groups such as Van Halen ,Thin Lizzy, Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe.

By 1988, hard work and a bit of luck landed the group an International Major Label recording contract with Phonogram Records Germany. This led to the release of their first album “China”. With positive media feedback and a rapidly growing fan base they went on to record their critically acclaimed second album "Sign in The Sky".

For this album a more mature sound was required and new members were brought on board. Patrick Mason took over on vocals and Brian Kofmehl, who incidentally played the studio sessions on the first record, joined the band on bass and backing vocals.

The group was noted by the press not only for it’s excellent melodic hard rock tracks and breathtaking live shows, but also for it’s singer changes as well. And it was between the strenuous ninety city "Sign in The Sky" tour and the “China Live” album that another singer “Eric St. Michaels” appeared.

With Eric, the band recorded their first live CD and the studio album “Go All The Way”.

In May 1993, China banded together with “Marc Storace” the legendary singer and long-standing front man of “Krokus”. Between several shows, the band performed a live concert for the Swiss National Radio DRS 3. The recording of this concert was recently discovered and re-mastered as the CD “Alive”.

In 1995 China recorded another studio album called "Natural Groove" and this album while it explored some new directions for the band and received positive reviews and touring with Thounder, it could not sustain the heavy burden the band was under financially and the boys thought to give China a break for awhile.

In the year 2000, millennium fever and nostalgic mood brought about the “China-Revisited” tour. Claudio, Freddy, Beat (Brian) and Giovanni brought three singers together: Struebi (1st CD), Eric St. Michaels (3rd & 4th CDs) and Mark Storace (alive CD). This ensemble of hard rock talent gave the fans a heart pumping two hours of China’s best loved songs and brought back the real power of the music.

Roll the clock forward to Spring 2007. A phone call from Swiss concert promoter “Free & Virgin” to China founding member Claudio Matteo asking if he thinks China would like to come back together to open the Spirit Of Rock Festival 2007 featuring Heaven & Hell, Mötley Crüe, Motörhead, U.D.O. & Saxon. That phone call lead to the reunion and the subsequent “Rock Never Dies” tour which lasted until November 2009.

It was for this tour that China released “The Very Best Of China” which contains all the classic China tracks from the past on one CD.

In 2008 China brought on board the monster drumming talents of Billy La Pietra and in 2009 added Mack Schildknecht as the 2nd Guitarist to create the ass kicking assault that is China today!

Together the Band has finished recording the 5th China studio Album “Light Up The Dark” which will be released on the 29th of January 2010.

Claudio Matteo
Mobile +41 (0)79 414 33 70




Brandnew CHINA CD bei bestellen:

-> CHINA support KROKUS Shows ! That's the hot Shit !
-> CHINA support KROKUS Shows ! That's the hot Shit !
-> CHINA support KROKUS Shows ! That's the hot Shit !

2010 Dates:
Mo. 25. Jan Zürich Volkshaus support von Europe
So. 31. Jan Kloten AlpenRock House CD Taufe
Sa. 6. MärzLiechtenstein, Tattoo Covention (-> China Lite)
Sa. 20. MärzWinterthur, Amnesia Party Garden Club (-> China Lite)
Sa. 3. April Gipf-Oberfreak Rock im Freaktal
Sa. 24. April Gretzenbach, Good Drive Bikerparty
-> CHINA support KROKUS Shows ! Get the hot Shit !
Fr. 30. April Zuchwil, Eishalle Sportzentrum
Sa. 1. Mai Winterthur, Eishalle Deutweg
Fr 7. Mai Wichtrach, Eishalle Sagibach
Sa. 8. Mai Sursee, Stadthalle
Fr. 28. Mai Turg, Bauernhaus (Lite)
Sa. 29. Mai Wallisellen Festiwall
Sa. 12. Juni Volken Rock Im Tal
Sa. 26. Juni Luzern, Stadtfest
So. 27. Juni Winterthur Albanifest Warriors
Fr. 2. Juli, St. Margrethen, The Pirates
Fr 30. Juli Tennwil/AG, Rock Nacht OpenAir
Sa 31. Juli Illighausen, HAPPY HISEL NIGHT
Mi 4. Aug. Basel, Im Fluss
Sa 14. Aug. Schenkon, Autlook OpenAir
Sa 28. Aug. Wald Dorfsaal
Fr 2. Okt. Naters

// 07/08/09 Dates //

24. Mai 2007 20:00
Alpenrock House, Kloten
02. Juni 2007 16:30
Eulachhalle (Spirit of Rock), Winterthur
06. Juli 2007 19:00
Big 7 Festival, Bern (bei BEA Halle)
06. Okt. 2007 21:00
Wigan (UK), Unplugged
07. Okt. 2007 21:00
Wigan (UK), ZRock Festival
25. Nov. 2007 20:00
AlpenRock House with Shakra, Kloten
30. Dez. 2007 20:00
Break, Affoltern a/A.
08. März 2008 20:00
Adlersaal, St. Gallen
04. Mai 2008 20:00
LOVERIDE, Duebendorf
23. Mai 2008 20:00
The Pirates, Hinwil
30. Mai 2008 20:00
Open Air, Wolfhalden/SG
07. Juni 2008
Gryzzlyrock, Längenbühl
13. Juni 2008 20:00
Waldhotel, Arosa
14. Juni 2008 20:00
Rock Im Tal, Volken
18. Juni 2008 19:00
Fanmeile Euro 08 Zürifest, ZH
16. Aug. 2008
Morgarten Barstrassenparty
29. Aug. 2008
Scala, Wetzikon
30. Aug. 2008
Gontenschwil, Turnhalle
26. Sept. 2008
Schwarzsee, Rock am Schwarzsee
27. Sept. 2008
Binningen/BL, Barfestival
24. Okt. 2008
Winterthur, Bridge Pub
26. Okt. 2008
TV-Live > SF1 "Die grössten Schweizer Hits"
02. Jan. 2009
Kloten, Alpenrock-House
25. Jan. 2009
Winterthur, Gardenclub
14. März 2009
Erstfeld/UR, Transilvania
13. Juni 2009
Hochybrig, Openair
28. Juni 2009
Winterthur Albanifest Warriors
04. Juli 2009
Huttwil, Open Air
7. Aug. 2009
Thun, Thunerfest
8. Aug. 2009
St. Gallen, priv Party
27. Sept. 2009
Ludwigsburg/D, Rockfabrik
31. Okt. 2009
Birsfelden/BL, Sissy`s Place
06. Nov. 2009
Winterthur, Bridge Pup
21. Nov. 2009
Oberentfelden, Böröm Böm Böm
28. Nov. 2009
Triesen, Liechtenstein

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16 Jul 2009, 6:43 pm

enjoy ICR-Records

Von: tommy
09 Jul 2009, 5:21 pm
ciao china'ser

hey, eure sound rockt mega cool ab!!
+ thanks für adde
und gänd wiiter vollgas!!! :-)

gruess, tom

10 Jan 2009, 5:29 pm
Vraiment voila enfin un excellent rock Bravo je reviendrais vous écoutez

11 Oct 2008, 8:26 am

Danke fürs adden und weiterhin viel Erfolg!

Grüsse aus dem Ösilande


18 Aug 2008, 12:50 am
hi eric and the other guys

i send you rockin' greez from zürich and i listen at this time *the very best of...*

see yu
gabriela(rotezora) from myspace :)


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