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new label and management
DATUM: 22 Aug 2009, 10:26 pm / STIMMUNG: Anders

Dear all,
we are glad to announce that Richard Bystricky (crossmusic) is our new manager.

The new album "body on the left, soul on the right" (label: spirit of sound) is out in Switzerland on Wednesday 12. August 09 ( and will be available on, and etc. in 8 weeks.

best wishes

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spit me out (before I drown)
DATUM: 03 Mar 2008, 9:25 pm / STIMMUNG: Other

"I quickly fell asleep that night...
dreamt I was unware of space and time"...

We played one of our newest songs live on radio RSR1, during the show Radio Paradiso - presented by the "Swiss John Peel", Gérard Suter.

"spit me out (before I drown)" is a song that fits well on our forthcoming album - a song full of hope


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Body on the Left, Soul on the right
DATUM: 06 Feb 2008, 9:23 pm / STIMMUNG: Other

Für Magnetfisch am Gurtenfestival abstimmen und neuen, exklusiven Song hören!

Als Dankeschön findet Ihr untenstehend die Lyrics

Body on the Left, Soul on the right (copyright Seline Kunz)

I was split into two
but I was alive yeah I was alive
my body on the left, my soul on the right
my body on the left, my soul on the right

My heart throbbed save and sound
but I was dead yes I was dead
my body on the left, my soul on the right
my body on the left, my soul on the right

You were on the run, you were almost gone
I shot you with my gun, 'cause you were on the run

I was deaf and dumb, as you lay there numb
I hid and dropped the bomb, made you deaf an dumb

It was my only choice, to keep you with me, to keep you with me

I was split into two
but I was alive yeah I was alive
my body on the left, my soul on the right
my body on the left, my soul on the right

My heart throbbed safe and sound
but I was dead yes I was dead
my body on the left, my soul on the right
my body on the left, my soul on the right

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A vote for China
DATUM: 27 Jan 2008, 12:56 pm / STIMMUNG: Other

don't worry folks, not for the country, for the song:

just one click a day (no registration needed at all), and we'll be happy :-)
as a thank-you for your support, here are the song's lyrics (copyright Seline Kunz/Magnetfisch)


I dreamt of China last night
I laid on a field, wide plain
and felt the earth
she throbbed deep down in the core

I ran in circles last night
got smaller and smaller, tight, cramped
and felt the earth
she throbbed on the surface and she tore

I stood in the middle last night
erupted, lifted up high, endlessly
and felt the earth
she throbbed right around me more and more

Underneath, invisible
big as the nameless
passionate, intimate

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From Lake Geneva to the Lausanne station
DATUM: 15 Jan 2008, 10:09 pm / STIMMUNG: Other

"In every city, in every nation
From Lake Geneva to the Finland station"
Pet Shop Boys (West End Girls)

Dear Magnetfans, here's an opportunity where we kindly invite you to vote for Magnetfisch:

Radioactive is a student radio from Lausanne, Lake Geneva (Switzerland).
Thanks a lot, and rock'n roll!

PS: You might know "China" and "Gone Staying" from IACmusic already.

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Roulette (And Also The Trees) covered by Magnetfisch
DATUM: 10 Dec 2007, 7:23 pm / STIMMUNG: Anders

The song Roulette, written by UK band "And Also The Trees" (Angelfish, 1996), was recorded by Magnetfisch and their producer Breandan Davey for the project "beyond the horizon" (Frank Liegibel):

Magnetfisch about And Also The Trees and Roulette:

We had been playing in our first band for half a year when in 1994 Patrick brought a copy of 'the Klaxon' for Timothée to listen. He liked it at once, particularly 'The Flatlands'. For him, the music of And Also The Trees remains tightly associated with the seemingly endless romantic landscapes surrounding his mother's house and it's pear tree...
We have had the opportunity to see AATT live on several occasions in Switzerland since, which undoubtedly continued to inspire and encourage us in playing music and developing our sound.

Why Roulette?

We appreciate 'Angelfish ' very much, since the first AATT gig we saw was during the '96 tour. Patrick particularly likes the bass guitar in Roulette's instrumental refrain, and the dreamy, poetic lyrics were just ideal for Seline. Her voice during the chorus reminds me of Texas ('Summer Sun'), and she even added a trip hop-like singing. We all had a fast-paced, danceable version in mind when we began rehearsing for the Cover, and I played a speedy synthie bass inspired from the original. While electronic, our version of 'Roulette ' is not industrial: yet the pizzicato-strings in the intro & outro are a hint at the song 'did you miss me' by fellow Swiss band 'The Young Gods' and hence at AATT/YG project 'November '.

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Common sense and a planet
DATUM: 07 Oct 2007, 7:56 pm / STIMMUNG: Anders

While in a pub after rehearsal on Thursday, we discussed about the meaning of life. Since this can be a feature-length subject, drinks and ice cream were indispensable. I agree with my band mates that lots of unacceptable things occurring on earth are devoid of any sense (the killing and jailing of monks in Burma for instance), that this flood of technology and information we are exposed to is disorientating and often leads to doubt rather than to certainty. But I personally remain convinced that the universe, the earth and we humans have been created for a purpose, and that our lives all have a meaning, although difficult to decipher.

One purpose of humanity could be curiosity. I read an article by an physicist lately, who wrote that curiosity is the fuel for science in general and exploration of space in particular, and important for the continuity of humanity. Agreed, but then a change of our way of thinking is crucial as well. As astronaut Donald Williams put it:

"For those who have seen the Earth from space, and for the hundreds and perhaps thousands more who will, the experience most certainly changes your perspective. The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us."

Hopefully most of us who remain on solid ground but have seen pictures or movies of earth taken from space will experience similar thoughts…

Take care
Timo / Magnetfisch

13./14. October: recording of "Roulette", a song by UK-cult band "And Also The Trees" for their fan site sampler
1. December: begin of the recording sessions for our next studio album (release: Spring 2008)

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Anger and a landscape
DATUM: 05 Sep 2007, 7:21 am / STIMMUNG: Anders

On our way to a festival in Gempen last Saturday, the landscape changed all of a sudden when we left the grey but practical monotony of the motorway for lush green hills. I must admit that while it was certainly not easy for our bassist Rolf to drive the bus (or should I say "seafood carrier") through the narrow curves and villages, I was getting increasingly enthusiastic about the surroundings. Had it not been for the open air concert, I would have spent my evening as a ravished tourist in my own country. But we had a mission to accomplish onstage. Just as Pachelbel's "Kanon in D" used to accompany my family on countryside car rides, the beautiful landscape I saw now assisted the synthesizer string chorus. As we played "Brain Departure", I felt quite immerged into this ambience and so were my fellow musicians and our audience. Near the end of the concert, this culminated when the E-drums made a break, leaving room for rapid electronic bass and hushed synth organ… whereon Seline slowly began to sing: "you were on the run, you were almost gone" and the guitars progressively started their part… It was just like gliding.

As I have mentioned in several of our previous blog posts, both songs have a particular emotional meaning to me, as I lost my father in June. Although I am by far not the only one to go through hard times, I cannot deny that this loss fills me with sadness and even with anger at times. Anger at dwindling landscapes for instance. In Switzerland, a square meter is covered in concrete each second. And to see soothing and inspiring landscapes being inexorably replaced by anonymous grey zones just makes me angry: No wonder my father and I went to a successful protest rally some time ago in order to save farmland. As Buddhists say, and although difficult to handle, anger can be a constructive force, too…

Timo / Magnetfisch

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Elephants, trees and a flood
DATUM: 16 Aug 2007, 2:43 pm / STIMMUNG: Anders

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit both the Hortus and Artis in Amsterdam. Two very interesting places indeed, the first being a botanical garden and the second a zoo. In the garden, reams of plants from all over the world were exposed. Huge trees and palms, some of them over 300 years old… Some fern species already growing on this earth 500 million years ago… A pine believed to be extinct but found in a national park in Australia… In this sense, it was just like a time travel. And at the zoo, crocodiles and roaches gave another idea of primitive times, while asian elephants displayed both impressive largeness and intelligence...

Thinking of endangered or extinct species always makes me both sad and upset. How come humanity could be this ignorant and inconsiderate? Let us hope our strengths like creativity, empathy and adaptability will to gain the upper hand when it comes down to it. Talking about our faculty to adapt: I saw a floating home near the naval museum – a novel construction type the Dutch are developing in anticipation of rising sea levels. Meanwhile, my residential quarter was flooded for the third time since 1999… Back home, I found authorities had learned from the major 2005 event: several technical protection measures prevented the worst. But then, how will poor countries in Asia, Africa and South America cope?

Timo / Magnetfisch

Some more news:

We met with producer Breandan Davey, label founder Heiri Duerst and our manager Janine Arnold for lots of planning and some beer. Aim is to prepare our next recordings and concerts: We will record a cover of "Roulette", a song by UK-cult band "And Also The Trees" for their fan site sampler in October 2007, and begin the recording sessions for our next studio album in December 2007.

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You were almost gone
DATUM: 13 Jul 2007, 12:19 am / STIMMUNG: Anders

Once again, our singer Seline finds the right words during a rehearsal (as usual she takes her notes while listening to guitars and keyboards). Once again, events have given the song a personal, particular note, though.

"you were almost gone
you were on the run"

In our previous post, I mentioned how the song "brain departure" got a new meaning when my father was diagnosed with brain tumor more than two years ago. I would never have thought of this when I made this play of words at Zurich's main station. Similarly, while reading BBC journalist Ivan Noble's touching and admirable diary (, I would never have imagined that this disease would strike my family one day. Back then, all this seemed so distant, so improbable.

"my body on the left
my soul on the right"

He is gone now. Inconceivable. This seems as unbelievable as it was before. Almost virtual, surreal. Although we had learned to cope with it, preparing to say goodbye definitely.

During our gig in May, I knew that a friend of mine in the audience had lost her father a few days before. Onstage, I'm sure this made us play our music with decupled intensity. Music is such a powerful, consolatory answer to this saddening aspect of our human condition: saying goodbye to loved ones. "Requiem" by Gabriel Fauré, "Politik" by Coldplay, "Plainsong" by The Cure, "Panis Angelicus" by César Franck, "Luna Park" by White Rose Movement, "Poetry Boy" by Kind of Girl, "l'aventure des plantes" by Joël Fajerman,…

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