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Aleksandra Mirjana Crossan + Donovan John Szypura

Earthphish was founded in 2001. Donovan John Szypura and Aleksandra Mirjana Crossan met in a recording studio, while Aleksandra was singing backup vocals. Three months later they released their demo EP Metropolis.

Donovan boasts of an excellent musical background. Already at the beginning of his career he worked with renowned musicians like Matthew Ashman (Adam & The Ants, Bow Wow Wow), Rams (The Bucks) and Tom Fischer (Celtic Frost, Apollyon Sun). But it was always Donovans aim to develop his own project. Aleksandra completed his vision and the fact that she is also a choreographer, pushed the enterprise even further, as they both did not want to be limited to a music band project only.

Aleksandra was first noted as a choreographer in 1999 (while still completing her dance education) when she won 3rd prize at an international choreography competition in Paris with her dance piece Veins.

After their formation, Earthphish recorded five songs, published them on their homepage and were showered with positive comments from around the globe. In the same period they founded their dance company, Earthphish Dance and within a short time created two dance pieces. The first piece If I had a child, was awarded the Swiss Premio Furthering Prize and won second place at the International Serge Diaghilev Competition of Choreography Art in Poland. Beyond Henry, their second piece, was lauded as a dance masterpiece in the local press.

The affirmative feedback prompted composer Donovan and singer and choreographer Aleksandra to continue their project with even more enthusiasm. The musical debut album Soft Green Exit was released end of 2003. It is an unusual collection, thought provoking, dark (in a way)and exploratory.

Earthphish is gaining worldwide recognition. Their song Soulcandy reached number 1 in the electronic charts on the international music platform The track Complicated was selected to be part of the Levis Compilation A Drop Of Swiss Sounds.

June 2005 saw the premiere of Elephant Man, Earthphish Dances new choreography. It is inspired by the movie The Elephant Man directed by David Lynch. The choreography about the true story of Joseph Carey Merrick had a strong impact both on the audience and the media and turned out to be a great success.

August 2005 Earthphish Dance was invited to create a new dance piece for the International Dance Festival Coimbra Dança in Coimbra, Portugal. The piece Cut Down concerns the microcosm of the stock market.

June 2006 Earthphish released their self-titled EP, which contains four new songs.


Earthphish is a living arena for music and dance, a unique symbiosis. At its core composer Donovan John Szypura and singer/choreographer Aleksandra Mirjana Crossan release music and create contemporary dance pieces performed by Earthphish Dance.

Moving on from the trip hop influenced debut album, Earthphish enters the pop arena with their self-titled EP. The new songs Babe In The Woods, Frank, Stop Breathing and Something New have a less gloomy mood than the previous album, but the core sound is still a mixture of sweetness and darkness. The EP and the debut album Soft Green Exit are available at or you can purchase the songs at the iTunes Music Store. For the Swiss market we recommend

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27 Jan 2008, 11:38 am
merci pour l'ajout

Von: cupix
19 Nov 2007, 8:41 pm
hi Earthphish,
super geiler sound, bravo :)
gruss marco

Von: MS
24 May 2007, 11:25 am
hey you!
danke für die freundschaft und euren support!

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grazie mille per essere diventata mia amica. peace


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