Talent: Band
Genre: Rock
Anzahl Gigs: 40
Grösster Gig: 350 Besucher
Anzahl veröffentlichter Alben: 3
Aktiv seit: 2005
MITGLIED SEIT: 09 Mar 2007, 6:14 pm
ZULETZT ONLINE: 07 Apr 2011, 1:27 pm

Nuél Schoch - vox, guitar
Reza Dinally - back. vox, guitar
Aless Giannelli - drums
Jonas Luescher - bass
Ramon Ziegler - rhodes, synths, perc

Up late one night blogging way past my bedtime, I stumbled across Kejnu’s I Have No Arms And No Legs, and my interest was piqued enough to take a closer look.

Strongly referential to Radiohead’s In Rainbows, IHNAANL is Kejnu’s third album (after 2006′s Induelo and 2008′s free-download-only Companion), an impressive genre-leaping effort that sees the Swiss 5-piece skillfully melding elements of indie pop, spacecore, and postrock into a sophisticated, compulsively-listenable mélange.

Nuél Schoch’s (vocals, guitar) dreamy vocals inhabit an otherworldly vista, from the gentle, romantic yearning of the title track ‘I Have No Arms And No Legs’ where an imaginary journey is taken to a far-flung planet, with dunes, crystal forests, and 20-mile craters, before ending with the cruel realisation of bodily limitations (‘Turn me on my back, I want to see the sky…’), to the bright, sun-dappled pleasure of ‘Sunlight’, and the indie electronica of ‘She Was An Ice Tower ‘. The jazz backgrounds of both Jonas Luescher (bass) and Alessandro Giannelli (drums, percussions) are apparent in the complex rhythms and structures of the songs, with extra synthesizer power and effects added by Ramon Ziegler (rhodes, percussions, synthesizer), and Reza Dinally (guitar, backing vocals) boosting the guitar quotient considerably.

Kejnu are at their best on the standout track, the ’15 Steps‘-esque ‘Dead and Dormant’, whose crackling, electronic haze gives way to crisp beats and 80s reverb. The dreampop-tinged folk of ‘Bend Your Knee’ slows down the pace, before the album finishes with a proper rock-out guitar riff on ‘Animal Spectre’ (sounds like someone had fun rocking out on that one!).

Looking back over their tour history, I see that unbeknownst to me they played at Rock’Oz’Arenes in August while I was there getting carried away by Sheila She Loves You and Placebo. Well, that can be rectified pretty much immediately, because Kejnu are playing a series of Zurich shows in the next couple of months – in fact, they play their first Zurich gig tomorrow, Wednesday 15.12.10 in the intimate surrounds of the Revier Club. I’m dead keen to see what they get up to on stage, to see how their subtle and intelligent postrock/indie/electronic-fusion thing goes down in front of a sweaty crowd. My last gig for 2010 – crossing fingers it’s a good one.

I Have No Arms And No Legs (including the single ‘Dead and Dormant‘) is out now on Saiko Records

- High Rotation / 2010

Nuél Schoch -
SAÏKO Records -

SAÏKO Records

Definitely Zurichs most self-willed indie band. Spacecore, Postrock, Folkpop, Electronica. Known for their unusual arrangments, melodies, grooves and artwork. They released three albums and two singles so far and are on air on all important radios in switzerland like DRS3, DRS Virus, Couleur3, RSR1ère, ReteTre, Kanal K etc.! Check out their new album 'I Have No Arms And No Legs' (SAÏKO Records, 2010).

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Meine Kommentare

12 May 2008, 11:44 am

Klingt schon gut Eure Mucke ;-)

Werde mir mal alles von Euch reinziehen!

Es Grüessli vom Musikerkollege

DJ Mäsch (Songwriter,Composer,Singer)

05 May 2008, 7:48 pm
Tanka fürs äda!
Metallischi Grüass us Graubünda!



28 Apr 2008, 6:04 pm
merci pour l'ajout

11 Mar 2008, 11:44 am
Vile Dank fürs aafründe!!
Nätti Grüess us Bärn.. keep on doing ya thing!!

Von: MS
23 May 2007, 11:14 am
hey you!
danke für die freundschaft und euren support!

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